Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Riding Contest

Winter is finally upon us, the trails are covered in snow, the streets in salt and slush.

Tell us where your favorite winter riding spot is and why to win a pair of Serfas Hunter Sunglasses, courtesy of SERFAS (a $50 Value).

The shades include 4 sets of lenses, a hard case and a bag.

Use the comment link below to tell us. Contest winner will be posted on Friday.


Anonymous said...

I like to head to Vegas to ride Blue Diamond. It has fun flowy desert singletrack. It's different than everything we have here. Then hit the blackjack tables and try to win enough to pay for the gas home. I've never lost.

StupidBike said...

not my trainer in the basement. NOT.

Andy H. said...

St. George is the holy land for SLC residents in the winter. Warm weather, sunny blue skys and only 4hrs away. Hurricane rim loop is one of the best xc rides anywhere. Did I mention sunny, warm weather and blue skies with no inversion. I should also mention how much I love my trainer in the basement. But now back to the warm sunny weather and blue skies......

Clay said...

5 mile pass. The broken glass and redneck refuse really liven up the ride. I recommend packing heat so you can shoot back when necessary. Make sure you bring a couple a 40s of PBR so you can meld into the locals when you are finished.

MtbAllDay said...

You guys are wimps. I vote for the annual Brad Keyes Jan 1 TT up Squaw Peak.


Anonymous said...

whats with all the snow haters. i ride in the snow on my 29er or the pugsley.
maybe cause i just moved here from sunny los angeles, but love it and can't get enough of it.

a little slushy road or deep powder trail is not enough to make me go running 5 hours to the desert.
i may never even use my indoor trainer this winter and still ride 10-15 hours a week.

plus the doggies love the snow too!!!

check out my blog for some great snow riding pics and join me in the fun.